Learn more about how EasyFileViewer can help you. Check out the articles below to find out how it helps you view documents, images and archive file types.

  • How to Open Microsoft Word and Other Documents

    Are you having trouble opening a Microsoft Word file? Document files sent by family, friends, or co-workers can sometimes be tricky to open. You can usually open these files if you have Microsoft Word or a compatible program installed.

  • How to Open Photos and Other Image Files

    You get sent family photos, cell phone pics, graphics and other kinds of image files. The problem is that each seems to be in a different format! Sometimes it is hard to figure out which software you should use to open these files.

  • How to Open ZIP and Other Archive Files

    Are you having difficulty trying to open a ZIP file? Opening ZIP and other archive files can be like trying to crack a safe. You know that something valuable is contained inside, but you can’t get to it!

  • Introducing EasyFileViewer

    Have you ever downloaded a file and had trouble opening it? EasyFileViewer lets you view countless kinds of file types, formats and extensions.

  • What files can I open with EasyFileViewer?