Why EasyFileViewer?


Have you ever downloaded a file and had trouble opening it? We understand that unknown or unsupported file extensions can cause a lot of frustration, and we want to provide our users with a quick solution to a big problem. EasyFileViewer is designed to make opening a file a quick and easy process!

EasyFileViewer lets you view countless kinds of file types, formats and extensions. This means that you don't have to worry about trying to find and buy the right software, and your PC wont cluttered up with various applications that you hardly use.


Where can I get EasyFileViewer?


Do you have a file you can’t open? Download EasyFileViewer and give it a try:



After you've installed and launched EasyFileViewer, there are several ways to get started viewing your files:

  1. You can drag the file you want to open onto EasyFileViewer to automatically detect the type of file and view it.
  2. Alternatively, you can also open a specific file by clicking directly on our File menu and browsing your computer.
  3. Best of all, you can use the EasyFileViewer Wizard, which will help you locate and open the file you need.


What sorts of files can I open with EasyFileViewer?


Don't waste your time installing multiple programs. With ParetoLogic EasyFileViewer, you'll be able to open almost any file format and extension - from documents and images to text and archived files. You'll also be able to unzip archive files from multiple different extensions.

EasyFileViewer supports a wide range of the most common file types. Here are just a few of the supported file extensions for you to open: